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Rules - Requirements of Community Service

  • If you leave early or do not return from lunch, you will not receive any credit for that day.
  • Do not schedule any other types of appointments on the day you are performing community service.
  • You will be responsible for your own lunch.
  • No visitors are allowed to visit at the worksite.
  • When performing community service, you are expected to work.
  • You will obey all requests, orders or directions – written or verbal – of the court, corrections staff, and staff at the facilities where you are performing community service.
  • Proper dress is required.

Completion of Community Service

Upon completion of your community service hours, you will be given a record of the number of hours completed. This record is your responsibility to be given to your sentencing judge.  This document can be picked up at the Community Service Office during normal business hours.

The sentencing judge will be notified of any failure to or refusal to follow the program rules. Any violation may result in the levying of sanctions or immediate ineligibility in the community service program.

Agencies Seeking Community Service Volunteers

Any government or not-for-profit agency may request community service volunteers. There is a Request of Service Application that can be picked up at and returned to the Community Service Office.

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