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Personal & Reoccurring Business

If you are in compliance with the program, you may be may be granted authorized leave away from the facility in order to conduct personal and reoccurring business.  Any request for leave or appointments must meet the following guidelines; request must be submitted on the appropriate form no later than Wednesday prior to the next work week, must be approved by the case manager or appropriate staff member, be verified, and proper documentation on file prior to the date and time of leave. A request for leave or appointment does not necessary mean that the leave will be granted.

Phases I, II, & III - General

  • Employment or seeking employment
  • Undergoing medical, psychiatric, mental health treatment, counseling, or other treatment programs
  • Attending an educational institution
  • Attending a regularly scheduled religious service at an established place of worship
  • Working in a community service program
  • Court appearances, consultation with attorney, or other legal transactions shall be permitted, however the leave must be requested and granted in the manner described.
  • Medical and other appointments should be made in advance. The participant is required to obtain a physician’s statement stating the diagnosis, restrictions, limitations, and medication prescribed or received. The physician’s statement is to be provided to the case manager.
  • Phase II and III participants should make every effort to make and attend their appointments while on pass during the weekends.
  • Unaccountable time or absences will not be tolerated.

Phase - Specific

Phase I

Participants will be permitted one time weekly to purchase toiletries, personal hygiene items, cashing of payroll check, obtaining money orders, pay fees, personal grooming, etc. This should be done on the same day and time each week according to their schedule of pay. Time allotted is a maximum of two hours.

Participants will be required to submit a pass agenda indicating the date, time, locations, and nature of business of where they will be at during the allotted time period.

Phase II & III

Purchasing toiletries and staple goods, check cashing, obtaining money orders, payment of fees, personal grooming and laundry shall be done while the participant is on his/her pass.

Phase II and III participants receive weekend passes, thus they are expected to conduct the majority of their personal and reoccurring business while on pass.

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