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Patrol Section

The motor patrol section operates 24 hours a day working four different shifts: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Relief. The Relief shift is a combination of 2 – 3rd shifts and 2 – 2nd shifts. The Field Operations Division also has 3, dual purposed canines assigned to three handlers on our night shifts. These canines are trained to detect several narcotics as well as track and apprehend felony suspects.

Motor Patrol has several task during the course of the day, this is to include but not limited to: first responder for general calls of service; patrolling the county neighborhoods and businesses to deter crime; take reports ranging from animal complaints to burglaries; first responders for serious traffic accidents; service of subpoenas; service of misdemeanor & felony warrants; and conducting special details assigned by the Sheriff or his designee.

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