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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Participants are subject to and will be required to submit samples of bodily substances for drug and alcohol testing for the following reasons: baseline, random, follow-up, saturation, or for cause. Failure to submit to any requested alcohol or drug test will be considered a refusal and/or positive result. Failure to supply a sample within a two-hour time limit will result in the participant being taken into custody.  

A person who attempts to alter, interfere with, or posses a device or substance intended to interfere with a drug or alcohol-screening test will be charged with the appropriate criminal offense. Any use or possession of intoxicants, unauthorized or illegal drug is strictly prohibited.  If you register positive on an alcohol-testing device or drug screen, you will be appropriately sanctioned including possible incarceration in the detention facility.  

You should not use cough or allergy medication, mouthwashes or any other product containing alcohol. Consummation of any prescribed or over the counter medication should not exceed the dosage as prescribed by a physician.

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