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Participants sentenced to the Community Corrections Program are expected to obtain and maintain employment. Each participant will be given two weeks to gain employment or obtain the skills necessary for gainful employment. As you successfully progress through the Community Corrections Program, you may earn the opportunity to increase your employment hours and days of the week. Employers/businesses employing participants must be approved prior to the participant being permitted to work at the organization.

General Employment Rules - Phases I, II, & III

Participants are expected to obtain and maintain employment. Until employment is obtained, you will be assigned work duties as a participant worker by the staff.  If unemployed, you will be given ample opportunity to obtain employment and participate in any programs necessary to prepare you for the workforce.

If your employment is terminated for any reason, you should immediately notify a staff member. A participant who quits or is fired will be required to work as a participant worker or community service for one week or 40 hours prior to being permitted another opportunity to seek employment. Participants refusing to work will be placed in the Vanderburgh County Jail (VCJ) and a Petition to Revoke (PTR) filed with the appropriate recommendation being made. If you lose your job by being laid off or other reasons beyond your control, a grace period of two weeks to secure a new job will be given.  At that point, based on need of bed space, you may be transferred from the program.

While working, participants are not to leave their place of employment without prior approval from the community corrections staff.  The only exceptions are for a medical emergency and lunch. Lunch will be at the business’ accepted length, however it should not exceed one hour in length and should be in close proximity to the place of employment. Lunch may not be taken at a residence.

All employers and employment must be approved and documented prior to employing any participant. The employer will be advised of limitations, expectations, concerns, or other issues that may develop regarding your employment. However, you are also responsible for reiterating this information to the employer.

Staff members will be verifying employment, work schedules, and other information as deemed necessary. Your employer will be required to provide documentation of your place of employment.

Participants will not be permitted to work at a place of employment where there is not immediate or direct supervision of the participant.

Participants are not permitted to work third shift unless there is direct supervision of the participant and with the approval from the Sheriff’s Office Divisional Commander.

Participants must be employed within 20 miles of Evansville, Indiana, and cannot work outside the boundaries of the State of Indiana and without prior approval from the court and the corrections staff. Any request for employment outside the county must be submitted and verified 48 hours in advance.

Participants may not work any major holiday without approval. The participant’s employer’s supervisor should initiate contact with the case manager for approval.

Participants must submit a weekly work schedule on the appropriate form no later than the Wednesday prior to the next work-week using the approved form. If your schedule is posted on a day other than Wednesday, the staff must receive notification of this from your employer.

It is your responsibility to have your employer notify staff immediately of any changes in your working hours.  The schedule shall be verified prior to permitting the participant to work.

Participants must submit a payroll stub, voucher, or other document each payday indicating number of hours worked and other employment information. Upon receipt of the document, it will be compared and attached to the corresponding work schedule. If paid in cash, you must provide written documentation from employer.

If a participant becomes injured or ill and their recovery period is expected to exceed one week, a PTR will be filed recommending that the participant be removed from the program and their executed sentence is stayed until the participant has recovered and can participate without restrictions.

If a participant has a physical or mentally disability, he or she may be referred to resources that can assist them in obtaining employment.

Participant must pay all community corrections fees and attend all meetings or programs as required.
Work Release fees are as follows:  $10.00/day    $70.00/week

Home Detention Fees are as follows: $15.00/day    $105.00/week


The Community Corrections Work Release Program has four phases. The phases are I, II, III, and IV, which is electronic monitoring. Each phase’s length is approximately one fourth of your sentence. Your advancement or regression through the phases will be based upon your complying with all of the program’s guidelines, rules, directives, court orders, behavior, attitude, personalized plan, etc. As you advance or regress through the phases, you may be granted or denied passes. Advanced phase movements may be granted depending upon your complete progress.

If your sentence is 30 days or less, you will remain in Phase I. If the sentence is 90 days or less, then after 30 days you may be moved to Phase II, but no further advancement.

Phase I  

  • Participant must work a minimum of 30 hours per week.    
  • Participant may work no more than 50 hours per week at ten hours per day (Monday – Friday).
  • Participant may not work weekends or overtime until after 30 days, only if being compliant with the program.

Phase II & Phase III

  • Participant may work a maximum of 12 hours per day six days a week.
  • Participant must work a minimum of 30 hours on primary employment.
  • Participant may work two jobs for a maximum of 12 hours per day for seven days a week.
  • Prior to approval being granted for a second job, participants should be in compliance with all aspects of the community corrections program.
  • If you are sanctioned, have your pass revoked, and are not already scheduled to work the weekend, you will not be permitted to be called in to your place of employment.    

Self-Employed & Sub-Contractor Employment

  • Participant may only work as outlined by their specific phase.
  • Participant must submit a proposed daily log indicating their work sites, job times, and any contracts. This will be submitted using the approved document on Wednesday prior to the next work-week.
  • Participant must have required documents to be self-employed, business license, insurance/bonded, tax forms, estimates for jobs, proper billings on jobs and materials, check or cash receipts on work done, and any paper work pertaining to business.

Participant Worker - Non-employed

  • Participant will be given two weeks to find employment and must provide documentation of searches. After two weeks, a PTR will be filed to remove you from the program.
  • Participant will perform duties, tasks, or services as assigned.
  • Any participant too ill to perform participant work will not receive credit nor will be permitted to leave the facility except for medical treatment or court.

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